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for Delegates, Exhibitors & Affiliates

Qualifying ENDS 26 NOVember 00:00 GMT 

SEMIfinalS & FINALS : 26-27 Nov 2020

European championSHIP 2020

prizes: 1st*$300  2nd*$100  3rd*$50

AWARDS: gold, silver & bronze CERTIFICATES

top 32 : automatic entry to World finals 2021

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Official Tennessee Hold 'Em® Skill Poker

European Championship 2020

Competition Rules for SiGMA EUROPE 2020


Download "Tennessee Hold 'Em® Tournaments" for Mobile or Pad in the App Store or Samsung Store.
Collect Medals in Practice League to Qualify for the Final 16.

Total Number of Medals Won during the Qualification Period will determine Finalists. 

Medals are Awarded for Match Wins.  Play Multi-Hand Matches For Bigger Wins: 

1 Hand = 2z    2 Hands = 10z     3 Hands = 50z      4 Hands = 100z  


Asynchronous Matches let you play Anytime, Anywhere with an internet connection.

After opening the App, you will be assigned a GamerTag. Click on the top left corner to Personalise your GamerTag &  Photo (See Video Above).  From 1st to 26th Nov. 2020, registered players' Practice League matches will be recorded. 

Minimum 5 Match Results for qualification. There is no Maximum number of qualification Matches.

Qualification will close 00:00 GMT on 26th November 2020.

Top 16 Qualification will be determined by Total number of Practice League Medals.

Touch the RANK Button to Follow your Progress on the World Skill Poker Leaderboards.

NOTE: LEADERBOARDS are for DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES. Android Database is under construction.

Top 16 Registered Medal Winners will be invited to take part in the Finals.

Last 16 Matches = 6 HANDS - 3 Head to Head Matches with 2 Consecutive Hands.

Last 8 : 8 HANDS = 4 Head to Head Matches with 2 Consecutive Hands.

FINAL - Last 4 / Each FINALIST plays 3 matches of 6 HANDS against each the other 3 FINALISTS.  

Margins of Victory or Loss are Recorded: Player with higher Chip Balance Wins.

26 - 27 November - Last 16  / Quarter Finals / Finals


Finals: Match Draws are void. Draw Replay Results are included.

Any Player manipulating Match Results will be Excluded from the Finals. 

Incomplete or Aborted Matches are excluded from the the Last 16, Quarter Finals & Finals.

Employees of OCCO Games are excluded from the Final 16.  Players may only register once. 1 GamerTag per player.

By downloading on SAMSUNG or APPLE, Players have confirmed they are old enough to take part in the competition

Skill Poker: An innovative method of playing Poker on a level playing field, that  tests players’ ability, adding new skill elements and giving players the freedom to make crucial tactical decisions.


In mobile Skill Poker, the RNG shuffles the deck, then clones it. You’re sitting at Table 1 and I’m sitting at Table 2 . We are both in the same position on our Tables, opposite our 4 AI “Outlaw” opponents. We start with the same number of chips, and are dealt the same cards. After a series of hands, whoever has more chips is the victor. 


The more consecutive hands played, the greater the difficulty. World Ranking in Tennessee Hold Em® Skill Poker is based upon margin of victory or loss, rewarding players who employ clever strategy and penalising players who fold too soon! 


Experience Skill Poker. Challenge your friends! See how high you can rise in the Official Skill Poker World Leaderboards! 

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